Fighting for Reform

Omar Navarro

Omar Navarro is a Republican, “anti-establishment” Congressional Candidate who is running against the Wicked Witch Maxine Waters, in California’s 43rd Congressional District (Los Angeles).

His battle is being hard fought and will win the hearts of Americans all across the nation with his guts, honesty, and bold, unconventional campaign strategies.

Omar is also a popular live streamer, Small Business Owner, Conservative Political Commentator, founder and President of United Hispanic America, and Host of his podcast Omar Navarro Unfiltered.

Prior to running Omar was part of various none-profits & served as Traffic Commissioner in his community. Read more


Maxine Waters needs to be IMPEACHED!

According to Article 1, Section 5, Clause 2 of the Constitution, a member of Congress can be expelled for disorderly conduct. And Maxine has incited violence against Trump supporters. That's what I call disorderly conduct.

Maxine Waters in rolling in dough

Maxine Waters in rolling in dough while the rest of the taxpayers are paying for her lifestyle. She voted for the bailout which benefited her husband $12-$15 million dollars. Manipulating the political system to get rich is not okay. Actually there's a word for that and it's corruption. Or in Maxine's case, it's Poverty Pimpin!⠀

Support My Continued Fight

I am an advocate of common sense and Reform, I strive to help many Americans understand policy and initiatives being pushed on state and federal level. I can’t do this on my own, which is why I need your support. With your pledge, I can truly fight Socialist.


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