Why is Omar Running

I live in a state filled with dirty politics and failed leadership. When my family came from Cuba and Mexico, they came here for the opportunity to achieve the American dream and build a great community. I encourage everybody to join me on mounting a campaign for true change and a better opportunity for education.  I’m running for Congress to represent you with unity and be a voice in Washington. I will work with anyone, regardless of party affiliation, to sustain and create jobs, invest in education and balance our budget – with a plan that stands up for the middle class, keeps taxes low and protects Medicare and Social Security.  Please share my vision to make a difference in the 43rd Congressional District. 


Some Ideas Motivating Omar’s Campaign


  • Places a high value on our nation’s Military personnel, Homeland Security and our First Responders
  • Help find/hunt down/destroy and defeat terror cells here in our country
  • Lower the Crime Rate
  • Make our Borders Safe and enforce our current immigration policies
  • Enact legislation for higher scrutiny of refugees 
  • Lower our Taxes
  • Major proponent for the 2nd Amendment
  • Sustain and create more jobs
  • Local control of education and the right of Parents to control their children’s education
  • Less Regulations on small businesses and bring businesses back to our country.
  • Better Educational Opportunities for all citizens
  • Balance the nation’s budget, decrease the national debt and keep our government open.
  • Be a Pro-Life Candidate
  • Defund Planned Parenthood
  • Federal Funding for Mental Health programs