Why do Californian's need a $13 billion homeless tax?

In 2017 Congresswoman for the 43rd District Maxine Waters proposed “The Ending Homelessness Act” in which she proposed spending $13.27 billion in “new funding over five years” to ‘help the homeless’.

She did this while Los Angeles Mayor Eric M. Garcetti is currently spending $20 million dollars to create 1500 ‘beds’ for the homeless.  That’s over 13 thousand dollars for each bed not counting annual maintenance fees and endless/never-ending ‘government employee overseer’ wages.

There are an estimated 58,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County.  And on any given night, an estimated 45,000 of them are sleeping on the streets of the City of the Angeles.

Why are they here?

They are here to soak up the Democrats’ – but not democratic – largessic madness that has already bankrupted the state.

But no matter the reason or how one looks at it, it is expensive.

If you are of the sympathetic bent and support the housing and total care of the ‘homeless’ indefinitely (some say ‘in perpetuity’) and you are in favor of spending hundreds of millions of dollars annually/locally of your and your neighbors’ hard-earned tax dollars, you can expect that your ‘taxes for the homeless’ will increase exponentially for the rest of your life.

If you are reactionary and ‘want the bums to get off of our streets and get a job!’, you can expect to spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually/locally in daily ‘clean up’, hospital, legal, police, fire and ‘outreach’ (read that ‘food, shelter, clothing’) fees that will increase exponentially for the rest of your life.

Either way the costs are about the same and you get to pay them.


Because no matter what you do, those who cannot, will not, or refuse to contribute, cannot, will not, or will refuse to contribute no matter what you do.

It is that same old ‘something for nothing entitlement’ attitude that liberals have been sponsoring for decades that emboldens our so-called ‘homeless’ to demand that we give them our hard-earned dollars.

Make no mistake: it ain’t fun being homeless.

The concerns of safety, health, food/shelter/clothing are daily struggles for the homeless.

Not to mention securing bathing, defecating-urinating and safe drinking water – which most of us take for granted.

But the reality is that the chronically homeless are never likely to contribute to their own support.  Whether it be through incapability or laziness, they just ain’t gonna do it.

Which leaves us – the taxpayers – footing the bill for their upkeep no matter what we do.

Therefore, the only question that remains is: How are we, the taxpayers, going to deal with this situation?

Will we build them luxurious homes (that many of us can’t afford to purchase for ourselves) and provide all of their basic living needs in perpetuity?

Or will we ‘scrape up the poop from our streets and pay for all of their living, health, food/shelter/clothing, legal and mental/social requirements’ forever and a day knowing full well that thousands of others will race into our sanctuary ‘give-you-everything-for-nothing’ communities to soak up the entitled ‘benefits’ of being ‘homeless’?

Either way, we the taxpayers lose.

So the only real question remaining is: What are our elected officials doing about any of this?

And for those of us in the 43rd Congressional District, the specific question is: What has Maxine Waters done about it?

But, wait: Why dump this on Ms. Waters?

Because we-the-people elect folks, pay them much money and provide staff, researchers and many privileges for this very purpose: That they work to solve these taxing (pun intended) issues.

And we hope – even, expect – that the people we elect will be competent enough to do something about these very complex problems.

Well, apparently, thirteen billion of our dollars is Maxine’s idea of how to address the particular problem of people rushing into our communities to stake their claim on our hard-earned incomes.

And what does Maxine want to do with our $13.27 billion dollars?  She wants to give those taxpayer supplied dollars to existing ‘federal programs and initiatives’ to ‘help the homeless’.

The only problem is, everyone knows those 13 billion plus dollars will never actually reach the ‘homeless’.

They will be sucked up in bureaucratic nonsense that will enrich government ‘workers’ while ignoring the needs of the homeless and the communities in which they squat.

Fortunately, the United States Congress had enough common sense to ignore Maxine’s ‘initiative’.  Her money-grab has been supported by only 3% of the entire Congressional vote and as such, hasn’t yet reached the floor for an actual vote.

Which means that most of her ‘democratic’ colleagues DON’T SUPPORT THE BILL!

Even the taxpayer money that they were insatiated with couldn’t drag over enough votes to pass this universally unpopular idea.

But, have no fear: Maxine continues to promote her ‘bill’ and can be expected to do so until the voters – or God Himself – remove her from office.

What does this mean for local taxpayers?

It means that the mansion-living-out-of-district Waters is incapable of composing a bill that congress could and would accept as being beneficial to the country.

So, let’s review.

After nearly 40 years in government employ (27 years in Congress), Maxine Waters hasn’t a clue as to how to write a bill that congress would pass.

But who is ‘against’ the homeless?

No one.

Except ‘Congresswoman’ Maxine and her cronies who want to keep bilking you out of your legally earned income.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for honest taxpayers to have a say in how our incomes are dispersed to needy causes rather than to have massive funds stolen from us via congressional fiats?

Don’t you think it is time to start ‘thinking outside the box’?

No matter which side of the controversy you support, it is time to stop the madness.

Vote Omar Navarro in November 6th.