About Omar Navarro!

Prior to running for Congress against Maxine Waters and gaining national attention for raising over $1,900,000 against the Congresswoman in 2018, Omar Navarro spent thirteen years working on political campaigns at the local, state and federal level. 

During those nine years he learned the ins and outs of campaigning, voter outreach, raising money, and winning votes. This was evident in his ability to be the top fundraiser from small donations in the state of California in 2018, gain over 200,000 social media followers, appear on Fox News and One America News Network, and win 24% of the vote in a district that is historically Democrat.

Navarro’s passion for politics and the freedoms of America stem from his loving and hard working family which legally emigrated from Mexico and Cuba to live the American Dream. Navarro is committed to fighting for America to ensure our political leaders stand up for the Constitution and that we don’t become corrupt like Mexico and communist like Cuba. 

Omar Navarro has a podcast show called Omar Navarro Unfiltered. He’s is a Small Business Owner of a Political Consulting Company. He’s the founder and President of United Hispanic America Pac helping get Hispanics to leave the Democrat Party.