Meet Omar Navarro

Omar Navarro is a Republican, “anti-establishment” Congressional Candidate running against political Mad Maxine Waters, the Head of the financial services committee, in California’s 43rd Congressional District (Los Angeles).

Omar spent 13 years working on political campaigns at the local, state, and federal levels. In 2018, he ran for Congress against Maxine Walters and raised over $1,900,000 against her, allowing him to gain national attention. Omar own a political consulting firm where he learned the ins and outs of campaigning, voter outreach, raising money, and winning votes.

This was evident in his ability to be the top fundraiser from small donations in the state of California in 2018. He also gained over 200,000 social media followers, appeared on Fox News and One America News Network, and won 24% of the vote in a district that is historically Democrat.


Strong Passion for Politics and Liberty

My passion for politics and the freedoms of America stems from my loving and hardworking family. They legally emigrated from Mexico and Cuba to live the American Dream. Because of them, I am committed to fighting for America to ensure our political leaders stand up for the Constitution so that we will not become corrupt or communists.

Currently, I serve as the founder and president of United Hispanic America PAC, where I help unite the political voice of Hispanic Americans and empower them in leaving the Democratic Party.

My Podcast

Omar Navarro Unfiltered. It’s a podcast composed of engaging current political issues.